I got a chance to start attending Lynn Falconer’s Life Drawing sessions again and the first model I drew last week was the velvety Virginia Newton-Moss.

Great to see the group again and Virginia did very well as it was her first session as a life-drawing model too! 

Featured here are two 5-minute, two 10-minute, one 15-minute, one 20-minute and one 25-minute pose.

Well, last weeks SNAG was pretty much the best one I’ve been to yet. My buddy, Mike Myhre, was a featured artist and I won his piece in the raffle!

Then, my other buddy, Aaron White, organized the usual SNAG life drawing with his friend, Tita Suicide Cupcake Du Jour! She’s one of my favorite models and only a few months ago did I discover she lived in Vancouver and then suddenly I’m drawing her live. Bloody good life I have. 

So, here’s the titular Tita Suicide Cupcake Du Jour! 

Featured here are two 2-minute, two 3-minute, four 5-minute and two 10-minute poses. 


Part two of Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver featuring Spooksy DeLune!

Again, just a great session overall, good poses, props, costumes/fabric and she even pulled her wig off at the end for even more variety/comfort. Looking forward to drawing her again in the future.

Featured here are two 10-minute, and four 15-minute drawings.

Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver featuring the spooktacular Spooksy DeLune! This macabre model had a variety of props including a candle and a ouija board for the first half. Then during her mid session performance, she came out in a ragged wedding dress and did an amazing performance in which she killed herself, and was reborn as the undead, spilling vile liquids from her mouth. She also wore a milky contact lense in one eye. Great times, so much to draw and take in. 

Featuring here are two 1-minute, three 2-minute, and three 5-minute poses.

Part two featuring long poses tomorrow!

So, back in November there was the Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver featuring Voodoo Pixie! I was eagerly awaiting this one as I’d seen Shawna perform many times and finally got a chance to draw her. It was great, though I don’t think I captured her likeness quite enough. Here’s hoping I get the chance again soon.

Featured here are two 2-minute poses, four 5-minute poses, three 10-minute poses and two 15-minute poses. 

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